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Meet the lifelong camper and the lover of all things s’mores - Brent and Ann Pardun


Brent is a born and raised Danbury native while Ann has resided in the area for more than 18 years. Through their community interactions and years of hearing feedback from their Swede’s Drive-In customers, the couple saw a large need for a seasonal campground in the area. 

There are 70+ miles of ATV/UTV trails in Burnett County - with Danbury serving as a central hub. Before Pardun’s Campground was established, there were no seasonal campgrounds located so close to town, near the river, and with access to the miles and miles of scenic trails. 

Pardun’s Campground is located less than 2 miles from the river to give customers the chance to experience it all. The town, the river, and the trails.. 



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